Fish Species

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American Shad

Atlantic Halibut

Australian Bass

Barred Surfperch

Black Bullhead

Black Sea Bass

Blackfin Seabass

Blue Catfish


Brook Trout

Brown Bullhead

Brown Trout

Bull Trout

California Corbina

California Halibut

California Killfish

Channel Catfish

Chum Salmon

Coastrange Sculpin

Common Carp


Cutthroat Trout

Delta Smelt

European Bass

European Perch

Flathead Catfish

Giant Sea Bass

Golden Trout

Grass Carp

Green Sturgeon

Hardhead Catfish

Japanese Parrotperch

Japanese Seabass (Suzuki)

Kelp Bass (Calico)

Lake Trout

Lake Whitefish

Leopard Shark

Longfin Smelt

Mountain Whitefish

Nile Perch

Northern Pike

Pacific Halibut

Pacific Straghorn Sculpin


Redtail Catfish (Pirarara)

Rock Bass

Rough Sculpin

Round Whitefish

Sacramento Blackfish

Sacramento Perch

Sacramento Sucker

Sharptooth Catfish

Shoal Bass

Smallmouth Bass

Sockeye salmon

Spotted Bass

Spotted Parrotperch

Spotted Seatrout

Striped Bass

Striped Mullet

Tahoe Sucker


Thunder Trout

Tiger Trout




White Bass

White Catfish

White Perch

White Seabass

Whiterock Bass

Yellow Bullhead

Yellow Perch

*Illustrations are from Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of California with illustration by Doris Alcorn. All information provided is for noncommmercial use.

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